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Introduction to the enterprise

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   Jinan sunshine housekeeping service co., LTD. Is the economy for you dinan administration of industry and commerce registered professional housekeeping service agencies,Was established2003Years,Her is one specialized is engaged in jinan、Jinan parenting sister-in-law、Jinan nanny 'part-time maid、Jinan cleaning services company,Now……

The enterprise culture

Service tenet:For the people、Riding、For the convenience、Daughter

Corporate vision:To build a first-class enterprise,The first-class service,Tree first-class prestige。

The spirit of enterprise:Be grateful,Serve the society,Warm m。

Talent concept:The development of personality,Of men。

Business philosophy:People-oriented,Serve the society

Management concept:From personnel of course of specialization,Service management brand,Systematic training ways。

Sunshine bring show city store opened for you!

In order to meet the city residents family service increasing market demand in the south,The implementation of the company“Sunshine for you,Better life”Corporate vision,For your sunshine housekeeping to bring show city shop2018Years12Month8Day,Held a grand opening ceremony,Part of the customer and the waiter representatives。On the same day,Although the outside air temperature..


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Vocational training

+ Lixia shop:Lixia district dongguan street9The sea right on the second floor of the mallBArea
+ The electricity Words:0531-86557865 88588626
+ High new stores:High-tech zone nameplates, beauty jia village north west50M
+ The electricity Words:0531-87065588 87182288
+ West railway station:HuaiYin District weifang road Evergrande jade Minneapolis phase 2 shops2-113Number
+ The electricity Words:0531-86996678 86971789
+ Bring show city shop:Bring show city downtown area(Opposite the east gate and shopping center)
+ The electricity Words:0531-86988099 86988799

Information center

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Link: Jinan parenting sister-in-lawJinan parenting sister-in-lawJinan month sister-in-lawJinan housekeepingHer training